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The Company AeroKapture is based in Valinhos.We are specialized in making aerial footage.

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Why use a Multirotor?

Recent advances in camera, flight and battery technology mean that multirotors are now capable of obtaining footage at a quality or better comparable to that achieved by manned aircraft. Combined with the fact that multirotors can be used closer to the ground and nearer to people than manned aircraft, means that they are becoming an incredibly versatile tool for many applications across a wide variety of genres. Multirotors have been used to replace dolly and jib shots in awkward locations and can be used for dramatic lift and zoom shots.

The majority of multirotors operators will be significantly cheaper than hiring a helicopter. The ability to monitor the footage from the ground allows for directorial input to the flight team and immediate review of the footage. Control methods vary and include traditional transmitters, tablet and laptop control. The control method employed will be dictated by the type of filming required.

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Real State Agency Thermal Imaging Inspections Weddings and Aniversaries

The cameras from our multicopters aircraft transmits aerial photos from altitude or from confined spaces directly to a video monitor.

Showing your property in this unique way through aerial video/photography differentiate your listings from other property listings.

The multicopters from AeroKapture can help researchers and farmers do everything from count individual trees and detect problems with watering to monitor the deadly citrus greening disease and other diseases.

We can inspect construction defects caused by faulty insulation or defects in photovoltaic , solar panels modules chimneys and so on by using thermography cameras.

Add another dimension to your photos and videos, by capturing these wonderful and special occasion from the air. These are memories that will last for generations.

Insurance Companies

The inspection/survey of inaccessible or high altitude objects or parts of buildings is greatly facilitated by the use of our multicopters.