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The Company AeroKapture is based in Valinhos.We are specialized in making aerial footage.

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About Us

Mission Statement

Make Aerial Photography available for all and provide the best image quality with the latest technology available in the market to our clients with the highest safety possible to the public and personal involved in the work, zero accidents and 100% Customer Satisfaction is our objective.

Who we are:

The Company Aero Kapture is based in Valinhos, Sao Paulo.
We travel all around Brazil and the World, covering important events for our clients. We are specialized in making aerial footages, providing the best imaging quality to our clients with highly skilled pilots and cameramen.

How we do it

We have state of the art, remote controlled aerial platforms that are loaded with leading edge technology, including GPS positioning. Our autopilot capabilities allow us to set the exact position and altitude you want images to be captured from.

The UAV pilot controls the flight of the UAV and monitors the pre-programmed flight path to ensure that the Auto Pilot information is correct. Flight information (airspeed, altitude, compass heading, power consumption, etc.) is transmitted directly to a computer screen monitored by the Co-pilot/ Payload Operator.

The video camera functions are also controlled by the camera/payload operator. The operator can view what the camera is capturing through a direct streaming video link to a separate monitor, or through video goggles.

We always work closely with our clients and you can see the shots live as we do it. So if you would like a change of angle, higher or lower we can adjust immediately.

Your Satisfaction

AeroKapture is committed to providing you with highest quality aerial images, obtained from a completely different point of view that cannot be obtained from full sized, manned aircraft.